Công Ty Thức Ăn Chăn Nuôi Greenfeed

thietkebepviet.com Vietphái nam Corp., the predecessor of thietkebepviet.com Vietphái mạnh Co., Ltd, was established in 2003 with the vision of becoming a (efficient) provider for the clean-food business.

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Started out with animal và aqua feed business, thietkebepviet.com now has 8 modern feed mills in Vietphái mạnh, Cambodia and Myanmar, equipped with American và European công nghệ, with the total capathành phố of 2 million tons of feed per year, satisfying the standards ISO 22000, HACCP.., GLOBAL GAP, BAPhường & the whole system operates with the application of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Through strict evaluation và selection in suppliers; the standards for the feed’s ingredient are clearly laid out; sample collecting process, scientific examination with modern analytic machinery. thietkebepviet.com guarantees that the ingredient’s unique always meets the requirements.

Proper feed ration is conducted according lớn the animals’ development phases và by combining theoretical and practical breeding requisite in different country. Constant updates in the ingredient’s nutrients, as well as advanced proportioning software, help thietkebepviet.com produce the most nutritious feed with the most reasonable cost.

American and European advanced machinery & công nghệ, along with the data sync from ingredients, feed proportioning, output products và management, makes thietkebepviet.com’s products stay true to lớn the original design in nutrition và chất lượng with optimized cost, thus increase their competitiveness.

Ingredient và sample storing system and production management system allow thietkebepviet.com to lớn trace the origin of each feed batch with full details, as well as the supplier’s details.

For customers to lớn use our products and services efficiently, thietkebepviet.com pays special attention to recruitment, training và the staff panel, particularly commercial technical consultants. They are bachelors specializing in Breeding – Veterinary Medicine & Aquaculture with comprehensive sầu knowledge about feed, swine breed characteristics và thietkebepviet.com’s breeding procedure và have the ability to transfer the giải pháp công nghệ to lớn customers khổng lồ improve productivity & professionalize animal husbandry và help our costumers with their businesses.

thietkebepviet.com’s product is distributed by over 3000 dealers và direct farms.Feed brands such as

have become familiar to lớn millions of farmers, thus making thietkebepviet.com one of the top four animal feed companies in Vietnam with the sale of 500 million US dollars. The Corporation is in top 100 worldwide feed companies (according to lớn Feed International), top 100 biggest businesses in Vietnam (VNR 500) & top 100 best working environments in Vietnam (Anphabe).

With regard lớn the breed and the commercial swines business, thietkebepviet.com has built breeding farms khổng lồ improve sầu the herd’s productivity & discover the breeders’ core needs và consumers’ demands for pork in Vietphái nam and neighbor countries.

In 2010, GreedFeed officially found an associate, a globally leading company in breed genetics, accounting for 25% of swine-breed market. With ren marking technology, PIC (Pig Improvement Company) can supply thietkebepviet.com with swine breeds that meet our quota for productivity and meat quality for different markets & the quotas are improved from 1 to lớn 3 per cent annually.

To rival pork imported from Europe & North America, thietkebepviet.com has invested 50 million dollars in building nucleus, GGP, GPhường farms, constantly applying & updating the most advanced breeding technologies khổng lồ reduce the cost. For instance:

☑️ Slatted floor pit system: saves một nửa water usage compared khổng lồ regular models

☑️ Insulation giải pháp công nghệ for the pens: saves 30% power

☑️ Ceiling ventilation công nghệ in farrowing and nursery pens: reduces the mortality in pre-weaning and nursery swines

☑️ Automatic feeding technology: minimizes the feed spills and satisfies the needs of different swine groups.

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Additionally, a modern and environment-friendly waste treatment system that contributes khổng lồ the swine-breeding industry’s sustainable development on a global scale.

The breeding management is divided inkhổng lồ functions & specializations, which helps save sầu the workforce, avoid polluting, ensure biosecurity và increase productivity.

Using PIC’s 1000-point rating scale to lớn choose the farm location & applying biosecurity measures in three zones: core zone, buffer zone & monitoring zone, as well as epidemic-prevention-and-treatment programs allow farms to save sầu a considerable amount of veterinary cost.

Our breed farms, as well as specialized commercial farms with the cost of over 30 million dollars, apply advanced breeding technologies, have sầu strict protocols in using pharma-chemistry for prevention and treatment (PCF) & absolutely comply with the withholding periods. thietkebepviet.com can supply over 50.000 GF24 gilts, 1 million semen doses và around 350.000 clean và safe-to-consume commercial pigs with 74% meat ratio & traceable origins.

In order khổng lồ deliver fresh pork and other processed products with traceable origins to consumers, in 2018, thietkebepviet.com officially established an abattoir (DnF) with German và Danish technologies 

and developed the clean-food chain stores G 

With porkers coming from our own commercial farms, thietkebepviet.com actively controls the chất lượng and safety & can trace the ingredients’ origins for DnF.

DnF is operated having complied with regulations about animal welfare và HACCP’s and GMP’s standards in food safety. With this slaughtering process, DnF can guarantee the pork’s hygiene level and avoids contamination.

Through raising awareness about clean food in the community, thietkebepviet.com hopes the consumers would khung a habit of consuming chill meat like what has happened in developed countries in order to protect their health, their families’ & the communities’.

With the establishment of the clean-food stores G, consumers can enjoy thietkebepviet.com’s food without worries và experience our services with a variety of purchasing methods, including online, hot-line and tiện ích. Consumers’ orders will be delivered to lớn their homes by professional staff.

thietkebepviet.com is the first business khổng lồ complete the clean food chain by supplying consumers with processed-pork products with every phase & stage thoroughly controlled.

Moreover, lớn prepare for exporting, thietkebepviet.com is working with competent authorities to build epidemic-không tính tiền breeding facilities following the standards of World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), as well as DnF facilities that meet the standards of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (FAO). This is the legality factor to lớn bring Vietnam’s pork products to the world, aside from the factor of competitive production cost with countries specializing in pork export.